After the Plague, Came the Renaissance

Story-telling. Think about it. Think about the power of a story to convey a message or give a verbal picture that impacts your emotions. I bet there’s a conversation, a professor’s lecture in school, a sermon, or some presentation that has stuck in your mind for years...

Stories of Grace: Vicar Carol Pretorius

Grace abounds when Christ is the center of one’s life and healing.  That story is told today through life and experiences of Vicar Carol Pretorius.  Vicar Carol is currently a Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (TEEM) Candidate serving at St. Peter’s,...

Stories of Grace: Pete Bowmer

“Grace is this elegance in our lives. Not something we deserve, oftentimes unexpected, but a beauty of – not a physical beauty – but a beauty of relationship, a beauty of passion, a beauty of love, that just enters into our lives…” This...

Stories of Grace: Cassie Yeager

“Grace is trusting that God has a plan, and then listening to it and becoming intuitive to it.” ~Cassie Yeager.

In our first video of our “Stories of Grace” series, Cassie Yeager shares the story of her health and faith journey, and reminds us how important it is to recognize God’s grace in the everyday moments.